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5 mistakes to avoid in buying School Exam-Result Software

By myly

Walk in to any school today and one of the most time-consuming tasks that they face is to publish results and print report cards. Teachers are anyways busy with teaching tasks and in addition they have to check test copies, prepare marks lists, compile result of different subjects and then prepare report cards. In this process there is duplicate data entry at multiple points and all of it is manual. This leads to a very high possibility of inadvertent data entry errors.

To avoid all these hassles, schools can get a good Exam-Result management software. However, don’t make these 5 mistakes when selecting an Exam-result software for your school.

Not having ability to schedule exams in advance

Schools need to be able to plan out their exam dates in advance and publish them for parents and students to prepare as best as possible. Integration with a School-Parent mobile app will make publishing even easier.

Not supporting your type of exam pattern

If yours is a CBSE affiliated school, you need to comply with the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern. Make sure that the software supports the specific requirements of the CCE pattern including the bifurcations of the co-scholastic evaluation. Other boards have their patterns too and you may have a completely unique pattern in your school. Often schools follow different exam patterns in different classes. The software should be able to support the same.

Data Upload flexibility missing

Depending on the kind of team you have in your school, they may be comfortable in working on Excel to create a list of marks for each class and subject, or they may like to work on the software directly and upload marks for each student individually. You must ensure that the software allows manual entry for individual student and an option for bulk upload of data.

Report card printing Issues

This is a very critical part of the software and it must give you some ready to use templates that comply with your exam pattern and also allow you to have your customized formats if required. However, it is advisable to go with standard templates as the school software vendor is likely to update them as per ongoing changes.


No Analytics

Not having the right analytics will leave you with guess work and repeated data exports in Excel and massaging of the same. Get a school software which gives you comparative and qualitative analytics based on the results.

Reach out to us if you have any queries or questions about Exam-Result management software. We are available at hello@mylyapp.com or 9950-481-444.

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