Edtech Oct 19 2015

5 things changing school learning

By myly

The last five years have changed the teaching ideologies like never before. These are the top 5 things that have contributed to the changes in learning patterns in school-

Online Schools

Learning is no longer bound to the classroom. An eager student can use the Internet and it’s various facilities like online schools, online classes, Youtube videos by professionals etc. to aid their classroom learning.


The latest technology has made it possible for the teachers and parents to connect via mobile phone school apps, online school management systems and school websites. This has changed the way students are taught. The parents are more aware of the assignments, requirements in classroom, curriculum and other activities happening in school. This coordinated efforts leads to a better learning experience for the student.

Constant connectivity

With the advent of globalization, learning has also become global and interconnected. The school curriculum is changing because of the western impact and so are the ways of teaching. In such an environment, school management softwares become very important. They help to simplify the needs of the teachers, parents and students by creating a platform where they can connect globally.

Constant connectivity

Acknowledgement of individual differences

Parents today have become far more accepting of their children as opposed to earlier times. They understand that a child need not excel in academics only to be called intelligent. Other forms of creativity like arts and crafts, dancing, singing, theatre, public speaking etc. have started to gain momentum. This wide range of activities now need to be taken care of by the schools in order to make that learning experience holistic for a child. This is only possible if the school has a management system that takes cares of the above-mentioned needs to facilitate competitive learning.

A larger space to explore

The most important change today understands that a child cannot learn in isolation. From classroom to homes, children are provided with everything to fuel their imagination. In order to create young insightful minds, the schools must opt for a system like a mobile app that gives a direction to these young explorers and nurtures their creative thinking capacities.

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