Edtech Feb 26 2016

5 ways educational institutions can build brand image

By myly

A brand image is important for an educational institution to be perceived as trustworthy. If people do not have faith in the services being rendered, they are bound to look out for options. Following are the five ways in which educational institutions can build a good brand image for themselves –

Be unique

The old adage that says “winners don’t do different things, they do things differently” holds especially true here. Every institution must find its unique selling point and create something no one else has to offer. Schools and Colleges can particularly benefit from having their own mobile apps that fosters communication between the service provider and the end consumer

Online presence

The only way to increase your credibility is to have an online presence that gives all the details about the institution. This includes having a website, a personalized mobile app, information related links, blogs and a customized email address. Online presence in form of mobile apps makes it easier for the existing users to be connected with the service everywhere with the help of of their mobile phones.

Use of social media to express your brand

Social media serves as a platform where institutions can express its brand essence. This can include posting regularly about the aims and achievements of an educational institution, it’s ideologies, mechanism of working, student-teacher relation and parent-teacher communication etc. This adds to the over all brand image by engaging people in the day-to-day activities of the institution.

myly - Use of social media to express your brand

Use of technology in all spheres

When an institution makes the most of technological advancements, it is bound to deliver better results than it’s competitors. Educational institutions must adopt technologies of mobile apps that provide many features like online uploading of classwork, attendance, events, parent tecaher communication etc. This saves time and human effort that can then be directed towards more productive work. This technology also helps in better administration of institution by avoiding wastage of time, effort and money ad thus making the brand stronger.


The only key to have a strong brand image is consistency. A great institution has a consistent set of core values it adheres to and delivers results consistently. This is only possible by using technology that simplifies workload. Mobile apps today serve as the most fundamental platform to build a consistency-driven base.

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