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How an Educational Institute saved Rs. 1,25,000 per year in communication costs

By myly

Educational Institutes have to incur expenditures all year round on circulars, timetables, notices and other material that is needed to communicate to the parents. It all adds up to a big amount that can be saved with the help of a branded educational mobile app. Here is how a educational institute saved Rs. 1,25,000 per year in communication costs –

Cost of SMS

If an educational institute chooses to communicate with parents via SMS, then following is the math for the money spent on it: Cost of SMS = 1,000 students x 10 SMS per month X 10 months x INR 0.15 per SMS = INR 15,000.

Cost of circulars and notices

Like the aforementioned cost, there is a separate cost incurred on printing of circulars and notices. Here is the math for that:

1,000 students x 10 circulars per month x 10 months x INR 0.50 per circular (printing, cost of paper) = INR 50,000

Cost of time saved

Every minute that is spent by an administrator in preparing circulars and monitoring it’s printing and other processes involved, there is a loss of productive work that could be done to generate revenue for the school or any coaching center. By using the reusable templates provided by mobile app, the educational institute saves out on Rs. 20,000 approx.

Cost of time saved with mobile app

Repetitive queries

Along with these a lot of time and money goes wasted in attending to repetitive parent queries. When this time and effort is utilized, it converts to a cost of Rs. 40,000 approx.

Overall calculation

When we calculate the overall expenses saved, it amounts to Rs. 15,000+50,000+20,000+40,000 = 1,25,000. This money is saved in terms of paper, stationary costs, printing costs and other overhead expenditures that a educational institute tends to ignore but amounts for a significant number annually. Thus, with the help of a myly education management mobile app, the school or college chooses to be environmentally conscious as well as saves out on various costs.

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