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Implementing technology in schools

By mylys

If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.

- John Dewey

Technology is the present and the future of this world. And it's important that the future generation learns how to live with it. Schools can use them to change themselves according to the evolving world. They can introduce apps, online FCMS (Fees collection management system) and introduce communicating platforms for parents and their own school members.

Key takeaways:

  1. Increasing number of 3G users in India promotes internet usage.
  2. Increasing number of smartphone users promote mobile app usage.
  3. Parents want technology more in schools
  4. Edtech more effective in classrooms as compared to traditional method
  5. Real time push notifications preferred over SMS.

Schools have always been experimenting with the changes occurring in the world. It has happened every 4-5 years- Schools update their syllabus, introduce new courses etc. But today, they need to change it all via technology. Here’s what researches say about adopting technology in educational institutions.

1.Introducing app based & online fees system

To make administration sleek and easy, fees collection systems must be internet based. This will bring benefits such as easy data management and online and secure data. Also easy updates and notifications regarding fees can be sent using this system. It is more efficient and secure than the traditional system that involves long queues and lines.


2.Digital classroom for school studies

Studies have shown that technology usage in classrooms is much more effective as compared to a tech-less classroom. Apps and computers bring freshness, innovation and creativity along with their use. Digital classrooms use visual methods which are scientifically proven to be better as compared to the traditional writing and listening teaching. Also, use of mobile applications promotes sincere and keen participation of students.

3.Apps for school-parent interaction

Mobile apps can be used as a communication platform between parents and the school. There are numerous mobile applications that can provide easy communication between parents and school members. Moreover, it would also mean that the ward is under proper surveillance as parents will be getting message for their ward’s activities in school.

4.Proper notification sending

Proper notifications must be sent to parents regarding their ward’s ongoing, fee deposition dates and activities happening in the school. Studies show that majority of parents now prefer OTT messaging apps as compared to traditional messaging system. In 2012, OTT messaging apps reported more messages sent as compared to the traditional SMS messages. It means that mobile applications are a better medium to send notification to the parents and decrease the communication gap between schools and teachers. For more, see “Technology Bridging School parent communication gap”.

No smartphone users in india

5.Green technologies to save electricity

Changing with the green technologies is important too. Using future proof technology, like less energy consuming lights and equipment, e-books and solar energy, would mean a lot of saved energy that is in turn saved money. According to studies, going green saved US schools as much as $100,000 annually.And Technology can create eco friendly environment in schools.

Keeping all this in mind, schools must take necessary steps to cope up with technology being used in this world. After all, this is how schools will become friendlier with the evolving world and with the surroundings.

Use comments section to let us know of more places where implementing technology is beneficial for schools.

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