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India's journey from Ed. to edTech

By myly

Indian Education system has been changing itself regularly. As a result, School systems have been experiencing regular alterations. We came all the way through the Gurukul system and the blackboard education. Finally, we entered the internet age. EdTech, Education and technology together have promoted innovation and creativity amongst students.

In ancient times, India was the pioneer in medicine and astronomy. Today it is reaching to Mars. There were so many routes that we had to cover along this journey.

We strode past the Gurukul system of education which required the students to live with the Guru and do all his chores. In return to all that the follower did, the guru used to teach him mathematics, astronomy and philosophy. He passed on all that he could with utmost dedication to his follower.

After that came the East India Company and it retraced the path of education in India. Philosophy was no more of prime importance, it was science and mathematics that were prioritized. And the wheel of education was whirling all along. Gradually, we entered the 20th century. Economies based on agriculture and manufacturing were roaring and this was all owed to the education system at that time. It was all sliding fast, very fast.

And finally came technology, and it transformed it all. Education obviously, but the environment even more. It changed the environment we live in. It transformed the meaning of apple and cloud for us. But what remained more or less the same was the way we were being educated. In the name of technology, a subject termed “Computer Science” was supplemented. That was all that was done in response to the growing technology of computers and internet.

Students were keen to experiment with new technologies and teachers now had something to learn themselves. The fresh air that it brought led to an escalating tech industry that we see today. Classrooms had started to evolve and the same changes were happening with the methods of teaching. There are still initiatives in order to bring out something new that can be done using mobiles and tablets.

At present, schools employ technology not just in classrooms but in their own administration. They use cloud technologies to store data over the internet. (Why schools should be using cloud based technology) Usage of school mobile apps (A link to increasing use of school mobile apps) is soaring too. And there are several more possibilities that only the time will tell.

It is said "It is the needs of the economic system which shapes the educational system".

Assessing report school technology

This means that to escalate this economy of ours, we have to keep changing our educational system. We need to keep changing the way we are being taught and what we are being taught. The 21st century is all about technology and advancements. We don't need a crowd that can sit and work, like the crowd that we needed in the late 20th century. We need creative ideas and innovations today. Hence, it's important that rather than teaching students, we make them learn. We should build an environment which in its own way is educative. After all, the sole purpose of education has always been about learning from the environment and gaining knowledge by keenly observing it.

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