Edtech Nov 04 2015

Is your school ready for a mobile app?

By myly

School mobile apps play a pivotal role in bringing together the teacher and the parent. Moreover, it eliminates miscommunication and enhances transparent flow of information. If your school is looking out for the following things, then you must choose to have your own mobile app –

Greater parental engagement

If your school is keen on making parents an equal part in the process of moulding their children, then school mobile apps are the best way to do so. The apps involve parents at every level by informing them about their child’s progress and pitfalls. It helps in bridging the teacher-parent gap for the ultimate goal of child development.

A more coherent structure

Mostly schools believe that a school mobile app requires a lot of efforts and technological know-how. However, all it requires is a willing mind-set of the school authorities to find professionals to render these services to them. The right kind of professionals would already have a sound knowledge of the field and would help the school build a more coherent and updated structure of education.

Reduced manual effort

Having a mobile app for school would eliminate the need of hand written notices, circulars etc. The teacher can directly upload it on the account of the student concerned and it would reach to the parent without the scope of being lost/altered. This saves a lot of unnecessary manual effort.

Constant connectivity

Easy reminder of important events

Both the school and the parents can have a quick and easy access to all important events and dates. Whether exams or annual day of the school, the app keeps a track of everything and pops a reminder from time to time.

Easy to understand analysis

School mobile apps free the parent from the burden of understanding complex data. It provides them with an analysis of the student’s performance in an easy to understand manner and all throughout the year. This also relieves the teacher from the added stress of parent-teacher meets and summing up the progress of the student in a short span of five minutes.

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