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Reasons behind soaring school mobile apps

By myly

School Mobile apps have shown a great growth in western states. But increasing number of Smartphone users in India and its digital statistics suggests that India is set to see the spark of School Mobile apps. Increasing usage of school mobile apps can be credited to the benefits that these apps provide to schools, parents and teachers.

The world is in your mobile. Literally it is! People can check anything- what to eat, how healthy they are or the very new, interact with their wards’ school. Insights say that school Mobile apps are becoming hugely popular amongst schools, teachers as well as the students’ parents. In just three weeks in 2014, May to September, they increased their share by 300 percent in the list of top 1000 apps on play stores1. So, why is their use increasing?

Here are a few statements that answer this question.

Integrating platform for teachers and parents

Teachers can pay attention to each and every student

NTeachers can see and analyze each student’s performance instantly. Also, they can review each and every student in a blink. Sleekly managed database will help them keep a tab on everybody.

Aligns with increasing internet and smartphone users

bout 250 million active internet users are there in India and this is expected to increase even further2. Their share is particularly increasing in Smartphone industry3. Their preference will surely be inclined towards application and web based school platforms.

Improves sincere participation of children

TResearches have shown that the use of Mobile Apps in schools has promoted learning in institutions. Students are more sincere when they are being paid attention by their parents. A research showed that sincere participation of students increased by almost 100% because of using a school app4.

Saves time, hence money

Schools can cut labor and paper costs. On the other hand, parents will be able to cut costs as they will no longer have to pay the school a visit every now and then.

With all these advantages on the buffet table, there is no reason to let this slide.

School communicator apps are a must have. Multitasking platforms have made it possible to inculcate all the features possible to strengthen school’s functioning within its platform. Time, merging with technology, is a clear indication that we now need to adapt to the changing educational world.

Have you come across benefits of having a school app other than those mentioned above? Comment below to let us know.

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