Edtech Oct 26 2015

School website vs. school mobile app

By myly

In today’s world, both website and school Mobile app have their own significance. Website may be suitable for showing static and generic data for everyone. On the other hand, school mobile app allows school to reach out to parents more effectively with user generated dynamic data.

The school website is distinctly different from a school mobile app. Here are some key differentiators between the two-

Target audience

School website reflects static form of information.It is meant for external people and prospective parents to know and explore more about the school. However, School Mobile app is a communication platform between parents and school that represents dynamic user generated data.

Pull V/s push

Website is a pull medium i.e. prospective parents/audience need to visit school website for specific information. On the other hand, School Mobile app is a push medium for parents and students who are pushed the information from school mobile app back end. Mobile app push notification system ensures that any notification/ information pushed forward is read by recipient thereby providing a higher reach.

Parents teacher interaction

School website may provide generic information to parents about school history, management team etc. whereas a mobile app can help parents keep connected with teachers and administration in real time as per mobile app policies. Mobile app is a great way to increase parent’s participation in their child’s school activities.

Constant connectivity

Contribution to learning

The school website is only useful for parents who are looking out for a prospective school for their children and therefore has no real contribution to child’s learning process.However, a school mobile app is useful for existing student’s parents by engaging them with real time updates on attendance, homework, exam schedule, results, school activities etc School mobile apps facilitate the parents to participate in the process of learning of their child and understand their uniqueness.


The data on a school website is available to everyone who is on the web page. It has generic information about the school so that people all across the globe can read it. School mobile apps on the other hand are highly personalized and designed with the intention of bringing parents closer to the teacher in their child’s development. It has student accounts that can only be accessed with the help of an ID and password.

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