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Technology can create Eco friendly environment in schools

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From a terrestrial standpoint, the biggest problem we need to solve on Earth this century is sustainable production and consumption of energy" � Elon Musk Using Tesla, Elon Musk has proved that technology and nature can go hand in hand. Our generations need to be brought up in an environment that promotes greenery. Schools can accomplish this and go green by saving energy, water and paper. In turn, schools can improve a student�s health and performance and save money as well.

Key Takeaways:.

  1. Energy techniques can decrease the energy consumption in schools to half.
  2. Modern technology can decrease energy usage, paper and makes the process sleek.
  3. Water unavailability and improper Sanitation, key reasons for kids to leave schools.
  4. Save money and improve performance of students by being Eco Friendly.

Today, we are at a standpoint where development can be achieved without Guillotining environment. For we have with us, the appropriate tools of technology for sustainable development. And like everything else in this world, this change has to start from the fundamental part of a student’s life, Schools and Educational Institutions.

School teaches a student the ways to live and subsist. They are the ones that can make students benevolent to our environment and our surroundings. And all this can be done, only if schools themselves adapt technology and contribute their share to our planet.

Save energy

The field that can undergo the most substantial change of all is Energy consumption of schools. Schools can implement modern lighting and energy equipment in the school premises. Simple implementation of LED lights, instead of CFLs and tube lights, can bring down the energy consumption of schools to half of what it currently is.

Assessing report school technology

Saving energy in IT is important too. According to a report by Berkeley Lab in 2013, use of cloud computing over the world could save energy that could run LA for one complete year. Cloud is very cost-effective too, and hence, should be employed wherever possible.

Save paper

Schools should promote the use of eBooks to save paper. There are several companies that are offering digital solutions to schools for sharing books, circulars, notifications and homework with the students. If all this seems unfeasible, then schools should promote the use of recycled paper instead of the standard paper that schools might be using.

Save water

Things have gotten so far that organizations have been saying that the 3rd World War will be for water. Now, that might be a hoax but the shortage of water isn’t. By 2025, 50 countries are going to face a crisis of water and India is one of them1. Schools can save water by using efficient water taps, un faulty taps and better flush systems. It might seem insignificant, but one repaired faulty tap can save up to 20,000 liters in a year.

Provide basic infrastructure facilities

It’s important that schools provide basic infrastructure facilities like proper sanitation. These facilities help schools stay healthy. Further, proper recycling bins and dustbins should be provided to help students hold on to greenery.

Assessing report school technology

Keep the 3Rs in mind

RECYCLE, REDUCE and REUSE. It’s high time we implement these in our lives and our environment. Firstly REDUCE the use of non-biodegradable materials such as plastic and melamine in your schools. Promote use of refillable pens and metal bottles to endorse the motto of REUSE. Encourage the use books and notebooks made out of recycled paper. RECYCLE cans and plastic bottles. All this could change the whole environment that environs the students.

Benefits: save money, improve performance of students

This comes without saying that saving water and energy in turn means saved money. US Green building Council says that green schools in the USA save one-third of energy and water by staying green. A green school saved an average of $100,000 per year. Also, integrating technologies like cloud computing can save you money in sectors like IT too. To know more about benefits of cloud computing, visit " Why schools should be using cloud based technology?"

Green schools help you stay healthy and improves the learning environment of students. A better learning environment has a 25% impact on a student’s growth2. And a study showed a 65% decrease in asthma cases when school learning space improved3.

It’s time that schools gear up to the standards of our mother nature. We should use technology at its best to save the environment and contribute to this earth.

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