Edtech Dec 14 2015

Top 5 things you must have in your educational mobile app

By myly

To have a educational mobile app is not sufficient. It is very important to have an app that’s user friendly and easy to operate. There can be a lot of features an app can have but these are the simple must haves -

Bi-directional messaging

It’s just not enough if only the teacher is able to message the parent. A good mobile app or software must have a two-way messaging system where the parent also enjoys the freedom of getting in touch with the teacher when needed. This is a very important feature to ensure transparent flow of communication and in the quickest possible way.

Homework sending

This feature is a must have in educational mobile apps. At many instances the students forget to copy the homework or take down partial/incorrect information. The education mobile app that allows homework to be sent to parents helps them to keep a track of their child’s work and assignments that are to be submitted in school.

Sharing images and videos

An educational mobile app that has a feature of sharing images and videos is very useful for the parent. The parent can use the reference videos shown in class to understand the pattern of teaching in school. Likewise, sharing images can save the parent the hassle of photocopying in case their child is absent for long periods. The class notes and study material can be daily shared through this image-sharing feature taking the pressure off from the parents mind.

Cost of time saved with mobile app

Attachment options

A very small but a significant feature is that the longer circulars can be attached and sent as a message instead of a separate file. It’s a more convenient option that eliminates the need of paper circulars that can be lost and is more environment friendly.

Events, Calenders and Reminders

Nothing can be more relaxing than having a notification for every important event at school, college, or university. A good educational mobile app offers the feature of a school calendar where important dates and events are marked in advance and notifies the parent as and when they happen.

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