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Why schools should be using cloud based technology?

By myly

Cloud based technologies are being used in every sector. Multiple advantages include secure, accessible and maintained data. Cloud is a must have, especially for small scale companies because of its cost-effectiveness and manageability.

Cloud has transformed IT industry in the last 5 years. But today, it’s no more limited to information technology. Educational Institutions are also using cloud based technologies. As much as 90% institutions in America moved over to Cloud based technologies1. If you are thinking whether your school should also adopt to this technology, extract the answer yourself.

Better managed, accessible and safe School Data

Schools can have a centralized data storage that will help them easily access and modify the data. Completely safe and secure data (Cloud back up is extensive and safe) would mean no safety worries.

Easy sharing of circulars and Notifications

Because cloud platform allows you to share and store files online, you will be able to share notifications and files, such as circulars and homework. Schools can also store important files such as attendance of children and can access them anytime.

Money Saver

Decrease in paper circulation will save money. Using Cloud sharing will save bandwidth as everything is managed over the cloud. Labor and IT costs can be reduced as well. 82% US companies said that they saved money on projects by using cloud based technologies2.

Assessing report school technology

Stays informed of the latest updates

Cloud System comes with Self-maintenance and Auto update features. Hence, it saves you a lot of time and a load of maintenance work.

Independent of time and place

The only requirement for you to work and share data, will be Internet. As long as there is Internet, you can check out the school data and modify it, irrespective if location and time.

If a single step can bring so may changes, then why not have it? Use of Cloud Computing has been increasing since its very endeavor because of all the aforementioned benefits.

Discuss more benefits that you can think of in the comments section.

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