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The Company

myly’s vision is “to improve learning outcomes for students”

myly’s mission is “to allow teachers to focus on their core job – teaching, increase parents’ involvement in learning process, and to offer personalized learning for every student”

Reduce administrative load of non-teaching functions of teachers via technology interventions
Bridging communication gap between teachers & parents
Providing targeted contextual learning content based on analytics & learning needs of each student


Madhup Bansal Co-founder & Managing Director at myly

Co-founder & Managing Director

Madhup is involved in strategy & business development. He is responsible for top-line of the company, strategic planning, financial management and partner program development.

Gaurav Mundra Co-founder & CEO at myly

Co-founder & CEO

Gaurav is responsible for translating the vision of the organization into results. He is responsible for strategic planning, product planning, marketing, technology planning, and day-to-day operations of the company.

Khushant Dhingra AVP Technology at myly

AVP Technology

Khushant is involved in product development. Having experience of enterprise level application development, he is responsible for leading product design, development, and quality teams within the company.

Life at myly

We maintain a balanced mix of work and fun and follow a transparent, collaborative approach where everyone is updated about the happenings in every department through regular communication. Suggestions are invited for improvements and implemented to the extent possible!

Get-togethers and Parties: Celebration of every successful quarter with games and events keeps the spirit up and gives a sense of ownership to the team. Team outings provide the casual environment to understand strengths and interests of individual team members


Town Hall Sessions: Regular town-hall meetings are organized, where the founders, HR and department heads outline the developments and product vision.

Town hall session is organized at the end of every month to take a quick review of progress of last month and Planning of next month. This creates a common platform for all the team members to share any issues or ideas.


Holi Celebration Festivals add vibrence in our lives, so is the motive to celebrate these festivals at myly. The light moments and joyous ambiance break the walls of formalities and create an environment of togetherness and laughter.