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Edtech Sep 13 2016


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Assignment is probably the most dreaded word in the student fraternity. However, its importance cannot be undermined in critically shaping the conceptual understanding processes of a student. Assignment is the chisel that carves the students with a value system and teaches them lessons they remember for a lifetime. Following are the reasons why assignments hold a very special place in the curriculum structure-

Revision of concepts

Homework assignments are based on the concepts taught in the class. This allows the student to revise what was taught and explore other nuances of the topic that have been already covered. These are the most basic yet most crucial assignments to enhance the thinking capacities of students. School mobile apps provide a feature where classwork can be shared online with students who missed the class. This is a great feature for those students who do not wish to miss out on classroom learning even though they are physically not present there.

Linking pin

School homework is the linking pin between what is taught and what is understood. The evaluation of performance on assignments can throw light on the understanding and clarity of subject matter of the student. This allows the teacher and the student to work better on the areas that need more understanding.

Connecting the dots

Homework pushes the students to think out of the box. When tasks are assigned to students where theoretical knowledge is applied in real world, they are motivated to draw conclusions on their own. In this process they learn to connect the dots between theoretical and practical.

Motivation to perform

When online homework is shared between all the fellow students on platforms like Mobile apps, a student is motivated to perform better and put in more efforts in doing it. Thus, assignments induce healthy competition and keep the students motivated to do them in the best of their abilities.

myly - Motivation to perform

Promotes values of teamwork

Not all assignments are done alone. Some activities are group based and promote the teamwork spirit in them. Even if the students are not physically present together, they divide their share and work from home. This teaches them the value of working in a group by fulfilling individual responsibilities for a greater good.


Homework assignments are very much despised by all the students. The friendship that bonds over helping each other in assignments and sailing through the tough times probably lasts forever!

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