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Cloud computing in educational institutions!

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Cloud computing is trending since its very endeavor. Educational institutions are gearing up with cloud computing as well. The reason being advantages such as reduced IT costs and easy accessibility of content. Adoption of Cloud computing by several schools have inspired other institutions to adopt it as well.

Key takeaways:

  1. Expected CAGR of 22% in India from 2015-20
  2. Increasing SaaS domination over companies
  3. Cloud: The hot favorite for investment
  4. Expected IT savings in educational institutions due to cloud usage to increase from 20% in 2013 to a whopping 27% in 2016.
  5. Increasing number of institutions adopting Cloud computing.

AWhat is cloud?

Cloud Computing”, this term has been wandering around a lot these days. Is it not? It is being used everywhere from education industry to military industry.

How can you say that cloud technologies are booming?

Cloud computing refers to the online and centralized storage of data over internet, making it accessible from anywhere anytime. It is as omnipotent as its name. This technology has clouded over the world and is booming everywhere, particularly in India.

Assessing report school technology

According to a recent report, India is expected to witness growth of Cloud Computing at over a CAGR of 22% during the five year period of 2015-20201. Furthermore, here is some data showing the increase in SaaS and IaaS cloud computing globally.

Public cloud services segment

Cloud is not just limited to its present and estimated use. Several startups and businesses are sprouting from the seed of cloud computing. Following a research, organizations were asked what their focus of investments were, concerning different fields. The result shows that cloud is still to prosper.

Focus of investment

How and why is cloud prospering?

Mobile experience cloud saas Mobile apps

Cloud computing being used in mobile apps is one of the most prominent reasons to have changed the way cloud can be used. Apps have grown from mere games to informational and educational platforms.

This is one of the basic reasons why cloud computing is prospering. Hence, SaaS is dominating cloud computing in terms of usage.

Several other features include easy and safe access to data from anywhere and anytime along with saving energy. This means that every sector can use it and implement it as it suits him. With this many uses, there are several ways in which this technology can be implemented.

Every study has concluded that the implementation of cloud computing saves money and time.

loud saved money saas school mobile apps

Can cloud be useful for educational institutions?

Of course, it can be. It is a Nile of infinite worth. Though earlier it was considered an only-IT thing, no more. Almost all the K-12 (Kindergarten -12th Class) schools in America are using Cloud based technologies one way or the other6. It’s agile, scalable and cost-effective.

According to reports by CDW, schools are expected to be spending their 35 percent of IT budgets on cloud. This is because currently schools are saving up to around 20% of their IT costs by usage of cloud computing which is expected to rise to a whopping 27% by the end of 20167.

What’s in it for educational institutions?

Since education has been prime when it comes to technology, there has been an increasing amount of stress on using Cloud based technology to make schools function more efficiently. Schools are using applications and are integrating with cloud based platforms to stay ahead of time. 39% of educational institutions say that their institution has invested in Cloud to cope up with the data challenge8.

Educational institutions can manage data, share data and make the school system organized. Classrooms can benefit a lot from Cloud too. Teachers and students can share data easily over cloud. It can be used to securely store all the data of the class over the internet. Implementing it would also result in a green and secure environment. For detailed Information, See ‘Why schools should be using cloud based technology?'.

All this is just the start. There are many stories that this chapter is going to unfold. Rather than watching it prosper, become a part of it. Integrate yourself with Cloud based platforms and become a part of this growing family.

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