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2015: Era of school mobile apps in india

By myly

Growth of mobile apps is palpable today. 80% of internet users today use smartphones. In countries like India, where the Smartphone penetration and internet penetration is low but increasing at a fast pace, Mobile apps are sure to surge. Since mobile apps targeted to schools are new to India, empirical data strongly favors it as a growing sector.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Shifting web to app paradigm
  2. Increasing use of smartphone to pave way for Mobile apps in India
  3. 75% CAGR in Mobile Sector in India
  4. Mobile apps for schools and parents trending
  5. An eager market for School Mobile apps in India

It all begins with the entrance of smartphones. We used to surf the internet for content to study and explore. That’s why the first decade of 21st century can be termed as the “Decade of World Wide Web”. But all this seemed to come at a standstill when android started getting hold of the market in India. The no. of websites seemed to reach saturation (Seemed, but they didn’t). The boom that android created in 2012 made sure that the second decade of 21st century is the Decade of smartphones.

No. of Website

Total number of apps by app store
Mobile experience cloud saas Mobile apps

No of websites decreaseTotal number of app by app storeThe increasing use of mobile apps is directly proportional to the increasing number of smartphones. Countries like India are experiencing rapid smartphone penetration. According to a research by eMarketer, India is expected to become the second largest smartphone user by 2016, bypassing The USA. Also, the expected increase in the number of 3G connections aligns with the increasing usage of mobile apps in India, it even promotes the fact that mobile apps are still to prosper.

Many people might assume that school apps are just tools for students to study and learn. But school apps are much more than that. They might target any of the following bodies:

  1. Schools – Are integrating technology as much as they can to promote creativity
  2. Parents – Demanding easy solutions for communication problems and fee deposition problems
  3. Teachers – Introducing technology would increase the efficiency of their work
  4. Students – Are curious and excited to try new technologies

Use of school mobile apps is also promoted by parents. Following is a report on the use of mobile devices.

Western territories have seen a splendid growth of School and education based mobile apps. India still faces a drought in this sector. But, owing to the current 75% CAGR in Mobile app market2, India shows a tremendous potential of growth in this sector.

These apps can have innumerable number of uses, many of which we haven’t even thought of. In a study conducted by Grunwald Associates, it was found that almost 50% of parents encourage the use of Mobile Devices in learning and education. And almost 32% of parents agreed that schools must employ mobile apps. And why not, parents can also benefit from features such as online fee deposition that are being provided by several school apps. For more, see Reasons behind soaring school mobile apps.

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Demand and supply is what decides the fate of an industry. On the intersection of educational institutions and technology, there is ample to supply and the demand is undeniably huge. This in itself calls for ideas and innovations. And the platform to supply all this digital information is growing too. The pace at which they are prospering and growing, they might add a new flavor to the education sector.

What do you think might be the reason behind prospering school mobile apps? Comment down below and let us know.

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