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School Franchise Management Solution

myly provides the complete solution for you to manage your chain of schools or franchisees from one place.

Integrated with the myly school management app, myly Franchise Management is the only tool you will ever need to manage your school franchise operations. Whether you want to control which branches will have which classes and courses or the fees for every different branch, you have it all in one single school franchise management system. Centralized reporting of all branches on one click keeps you in complete control.

Control on Data

Franchisees can no longer reoprt incorrect data as you have complete access

Fees collection visibility

Get real-time visibility into fees collection of each franchisee and branch

Online Fees Collection

Enable online fees collection in a centralized manner for all your franchisees and branches

Control Penalties & Waivers

Allow specific penalties and waivers across all branches to keep uniformity in the system

Real-time Analytics

Get access to real-time fees due, fees paid and payment mode reports & analytics.

Reduce Delays

Reduce delay in fees collection by providing anytime anywhere fees payment facility.


System becomes error-free as there is minimum manual intervention.

Save Time

Automatic calculation of royalty amounts ensures you don't have to spend time in manual reconciliation

Secure & Safe

Secure encryption technology and highly secure data centers always keep all your data safe.

How it works

School Schedules Fees

Create branches

Automated fees reminder sent to Parents

Assign classes, courses & fees

Parents pay from app or physically

Franchisees manage their branches

Fees directly deposited in school’s bank account

Automatic calculation of Royalty

Parents get printed receipt or email

You can monitor all required data

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