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As the timeframe of the release of HoloLens approaches, people are discussing ways in which it is going to change our lives. Amidst all this, myly brings you the roles that HoloLens might be playing in the time to come. With surreal features, it holds promises that can help teachers bring virtual reality into their classroom.

HoloLens is the biggest step of humanity towards augmented reality. It is the key to a virtual and, paradoxically, real world. And as this transformation enters the world, our inquisitive brains have already started to think of the multiple fields that are going to be benefited from this technology. And, the very first thing that came to our mind was, how it would turn around education and learning. Here we list top 7 ways in which HoloLens, the new EdTech, can potentially transform the education and learning industry.

1. Easy Visualization and hence easy learning

With HoloLens, teachers can bring Human body, molecules and other structures live in class itself. Students will be able to feel them and touch them. Imagine your students seeing what it actually feels like to be at Mount Everest and imagine teaching them about the geography of a certain area by taking your students there.

2. 3D Modelling

Obviously, the very thing that strikes our mind when we hear augmented reality is 3-D modelling. With HoloLens, schools and colleges will finally be able to teach 3D modelling effectively. Currently, the expenses that 3-D technology demands are high. But, HoloLens could help schools overcome this barrier.

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3, Collaborative Learning

Using HoloLens, you can interact with people even if they are hundreds of miles away. And by interacting, we mean not just video chatting and talking. You can actually share your works like never before. You are going to be working on a mechanical project with the 3D model in front of your eyes and make changes to it simultaneously.

4. Virtual and interactive Classrooms

Classrooms will become interactive and fun. You will be able to experience everything virtually, and the boards will no longer be there on the front wall. You will be interacting with your classmates and teachers and you will finally be able to express and present your ideas using its interactive features.

5. ELearning and Self-Learning

ELearning will become more than just sitting in front of computers and reading stuff. You will be able to go places and learn new things. Want to learn how robots are made? Make it yourself using HoloLens. Self-Learning will enhance itself and you will no longer have be sorry for not being able to make it with your own hands.

6. Beneficial for disabled students

HoloLens can be used to detect early disabilities among students. Apart from that, disable students will be able to rise beyond their limitations using HoloLens. They will be able to learn easily using its virtual reality features.

7. No Absentees (Virtually)

With virtual reality, students will not have to miss their classes and lectures because of fever. Virtual video sharing will make it possible for teachers to teach students even when they are not physically present in the class.

All this might take its time, but it’s sure to come. 5 Years in the future, and you will be doing so much more than what we mentioned above using HoloLens.

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