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Looking for a one stop solution to manage your school administration, fees collection, academics, transport and communication.

How myly helps

School Principal

Meet Mr. Sharma

He owns Quality Kids School.

He is concerned about data security, financial management and transparency.

He wants to manage all the information and records of his school on a single School Management Software and increase the efficiency of his staff.

School Teacher

This is Mallika

A teacher in Quality Kids School.

She has to share messages, pictures and news to her students and their parents.

She wishes to organize essential daily tasks like taking attendance, responding to parents and sending circulars & homework from her school app.


Meet Christina

Her child studies in Quality Kids School.

She is worried about getting timely info & about her child’s progress in class.

She wants to communicate with the teacher, get all info on her parent app and pay fees without having to stand in queues at the school.

School student

There’s also Peter

He is a student of Quality Kids School.

He wishes to keep a check on his homework, exams and time-table.

He wishes to clarify doubts from teachers and compare results with the rest of the class. All through his school app.

myly can easily meet the needs of all of them. With an integrated solution, myly is one of the best school management software.


myly for School Management

Admission & Enrolment

Online admission and enrolment system, with admission fees collection system and integration with Student Information System.

Fees Management

Comprehensive school fees scheduling and collection system with automatic due fees reminders and online payment gateway integration.

Communication Control

Configurable communication policies allow school management to facilitate and moderate communication flow between school staff and parents.

Student Security

Integrated school bus tracking and RFID based bus attendance system, ensures greater security of school students during transit.

School Branding

Usage of the latest software tools and school app by parents and teachers cements schools tech savvy image among the stakeholders.

Manage multiple school branches

Schools branches or franchisees can be configured, and managed in a single school online account, thereby giving better visibility of operations at a group level.

myly for School Staff


Attendance taking using myly mobile app or web portal is fast and error free, saving precious time for teachers every day.

Gradebook Software

Scheduling exams, uploading marks and sharing Report Card with parents in a seamless fashion using Gradebook software, saves significant time and efforts for the teachers and administrative staff of the school.

Transport Management

Integrated transport management helps school staff to configure pickup and drop route for students, getting real time bus attendance data and track the school buses.

Timetable Management

Publishing and communicating timetables to both teachers and parents on the mobile app helps bridge communication gaps and save time for administrative staff.

Fees Collection

School fees collection software allows school accounts team to collect fees faster with complete information of due and upcoming fees at single click; and to generate instant fees receipt.

Events Reminders

Scheduling events and auto reminders to parents helps increase events participation by parents and students and saving significant time and efforts of school staff.

myly for Parents & Students

School Communication

Having real time app notifications about school messages, notices and events reminders on mobile app ensure no information from school is missed by parents.

Academics information

Anytime availability of complete information about timetable and coursework helps parents keep better track of students’ academic progress.

Fees reminders & payment

Instant due fees reminders and option of making online payment on app, ensures parents do not miss any payment due date and save on the penalties.

Attendance & Leave

Instant school attendance updates ensure parents a peace of mind. Leave application from parents’ app, helps parents inform school about their child’s absence.

Exam Schedules

Exam Schedule and Report Card on parents mobile app, ensures there is no communication gap between school and parents.

School Bus Tracking

Ability to track their child’s school bus and instant alerts when the child boards the school bus, helps parents ensure their child’s security in transit.

Having your school branded mobile app for parents is great!
myly publishes and maintains mobile app for parents in schools’ own brand.


Some of our Esteemed Clients

DPS, Sundernagar

Birla Divya Jyoti, Siliguri

Don Bosco, Kharagpur

The Newtown School, Kolkata

Euro Kids, Patna

Bachpan School, Bengaluru

Arise 'n' Shine, Chennai

Maple Bear, Bengaluru

YS Group, Barnala

Rawal Group, Faridabad

RIMS Undri, Pune

Adamas International, Kolkata

GEMS Akademia, Kolkata

Sunbeam, Vellore

RN Shah, Mumbai

Royal Global, Guwahati

Running a school trust or chain of schools, myly is for you also!

myly would provide you a ‘super admin’ login to have a composite view of student data and monitor the real time fees collection & attendance data across all the branches. If you collect royalty on the fees collection, you can have a real time visibility of due royalty; and can even plan for automatic credit of royalty in your corporate account.

What our customers say

Dr. George A Arvind
Dr. H. George Arvind, M.B.B.S., Deputy Chairman,
Sunbeam Matric Hr. Sec. School,Vellore,Tamil Nadu

The myly team is truly top notch at every level of engagement. Having a partner like myly has helped our organization in so many ways and they are always there to assist with any issue. Support from this team has surpassed our expectations! Hats off to myly for its brilliance, great support and for building such an amicable relationship.

Parvez Alam
Parvez Alam, Relationship Manager,
GEMS Akademia International School, Kolkata, West Bengal

Our association with myly has been a significant one so far. The app has made life very easier for the school in terms of the communication with our parents. Our parents now seem to be happy and enjoying the services.

myly has truly lived up to the promises they made. The frequent updates and constant follow-up tells you that they mean business. All in all a very good and satisfying experience so far. We wish them all-the-best in their future endeavour.

Nitesh Mathur
Nitesh Mathur, Owner, Super Kids,
Jaipur, Rajasthan

myly App has been a real boon for all the students, staff and community. It has allowed all of us to stay connected and engaged like a one big happy family. There are so many features in the app, yet it is so user friendly and easy to use. Alerts, reminders, photos, attendance, application, online fee submission, you name the feature, the app has it.

The regular use of the app has ensured that there is no confusion between the school and parent/teacher as every information reaches them on time and also keeps the parent updated about their child’s progress regularly.

Jigar Shah
Jigar Shah, Chairman,
Nirmala Niketan High School, Bhayandar, Maharashtra

Nirmala Niketan High School is using myly App since Feb 2016 and we find the app very useful and advantageous. The app is not only convenient but also user-friendly.

Every school must try this app to reveal the importance of it. This app solved the communication issue of my school completely &ensured timely updates to parents about their child.