About us

Myly (EduCommerce Technologies Pvt Ltd), is one of the great places to work, learn and grow together. We believe that unless each individual in our team has personal growth, the company will not grow. We believe in innovation, delegation of responsibility and freedom of taking decisions. It is a platform for people to come and do things that they have never done before, do things they always thought impossible or beyond their capacities and capabilities. We always want myly to be a place that brings together the best minds, to make a difference in the lives of our customers.

We don’t have jobs. We have goals and our team members jointly decide what is the best way to achieve those goals, and they do everything to get there.


Besides providing learning and growth chances, myly provides its employees with a Stress free and collaborative working environment by making the office a fun place to work. A work place that gives its employees the freedom to think and implement beyond explored.

Regular events are organized to help team building, inter-department coordination and strong inter-personnel relations to enhance team work. Fun at work is not an abstract, It is an essential ingredient for us that makes us a special company to work with.

Get-togethers and Parties: Celebration of every successful quarter with games and events keeps the spirit up and gives a sense of ownership to the team. Team outings provide the casual environment to understand strengths and interests of individual team members


Town Hall Sessions: Regular town-hall meetings are organized, where the founders, HR and department heads outline the developments and product vision.

Town hall session is organized at the end of every month to take a quick review of progress of last month and Planning of next month. This creates a common platform for all the team members to share any issues or ideas.


Holi Celebration Festivals add vibrance in our lives, so is the motive to celebrate these festivals at myly. The light moments and joyous ambience break the walls of formalities and create an environment of togetherness and laughter.