To get your school started on technology

myly Modular ERP allows you to start using technology at a very low cost. You can get all the basic things you need to efficiently and effectively manage your school.

Integrated with myly School App, it makes your school a smart school immediately. It has a user-friendly interface, & gives complete control over your school workflows and data and also allows students & staff to communicate over School co-branded mobile app.

School Mobile App

myly Modular ERP provides access to all the features of myly School Mobile App.
These features include bi-directional messaging to students, sending circulars and sharing calendar & event notifications over school co-branded mobile app.

Student Data Management

Manage student data in different classes, collecting vital information in a secure automated cloud environment. You can search for student information using any data point, get app login report, promote or migrate students to different classes and generate transfer certificate for each student.

Teacher Data Management & Profiles

myly platform allows you to manage all your teacher and staff data. Various profiles like School Admin, Academic Coordinator, Exam Coordinator, Front Office, Finance Manager, Accountant, Event Coordinator, Sports Coordinator, Transport Coordinator and Teacher allow you to assign roles to your staff giving them access to specific features that they require.

Teacher/Coordinator/Admin App

myly Admin App allows Teachers, Coordinators and School Admin to send messages, circulars, images and event notifications to students and parents. It also allows you to take attendance and replying to parent queries from the app itself.

Access Management

The Access Management feature of myly Modular ERP allows you to control which teacher or coordinator will have access to which modules. For example, you can only allow Exam coordinators to schedule exams and restrict teachers for the same.

Attendance & Leave Management

Taking attendance in the classroom and compiling the same for reporting purposes on class and school level is a tedious task. Valuable man-hours are wasted on this activity. myly allows teachers to take attendance on the app and all reporting is automated.

Holiday Calendar

Plan and create your school's holiday calendar in advance and share with the parents and students on their app. You can create multi-day holidays which syncs with your attendance management automatically. You can add, edit or delete holidays during the session too.

Groups, Clubs & House Management

Students are put in different groups in a class based on their choice of subjects or activities. Schools also have activity clubs and Houses in which students from different classes are distributed. With myly, you can send messages, events and images to different groups, clubs and houses.

Student Lifecycle Management

When a student leaves your school, give them a complete compilation of all their activities during their school days. This may include their laurels, activities they participated in, results in different classes, disciplinary records and teachers' comments.

Social Media Integration

Students and staff members now have the ability to share images from myly app and myly Admin app respectively, directly on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google+. Such sharing helps your school brand to reach out to larger masses and increases brand recall.

E-mail & SMS Integration

myly features in-built SMS gateway integration for sending information to non-app users also. myly also allows sending critical messages which will be shared with all students whether they use the app or not. You can turn on or off, the SMS for various types of information shared on the app.

Dashboard, Reports & Analytics

myly Modular ERP features an automatic reporting feature where information is sent to School Admin by email. School analytics allow tracking of app engagement, teacher's communication with the students and fees collection details. myly Dashboard gives a single window view to key information.

Data Backup

myly is hosted on some of the world's most secure servers. We still take internal data back-up of your system so that there is no unforeseen data loss. You can request a copy of you data back-up as often as you want using your School Admin login.

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