Edtech Nov 22 2016


By myly

Mostly all schools wish to maintain highest possible level of personal interaction with parents. However, this is not possible on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. And this is where schools use their newsletters to reach out to the parents and maintain a relationship with them. Newsletters are mostly updates about the school, the progress it is making, the new policies or changes and the general motto of the school. A mobile app that helps the school roll out these newsletters to parents automatically can be of great value. A school newsletter has its own importance that cannot be undermined because of the following purposes it serves –

Sending a message across

Newsletters are the best when it comes to sending messages to parents about various steps a school is taking towards betterment. For example, if a school has expanded its sports facilities and is encouraging more sports participation; it is a good idea to issue a school circular via a newsletter informing parents about the same so that they can motivate their children.

Sharing events and stories

A newsletter subscription allows the schools to share various success stories about the students who have achieved in their respective fields and made the school proud. There are also innumerable events that happen around the year whose circulars do not reach the parents due to various reasons. Parents can always keep in touch with such stories and events with the help of newsletter subscription. School mobile apps in this case play a crucial role by becoming a platform where school can proudly list its achievements on a regular basis.


Voice to the ideology of the school

The school newsletter may not always be school circulars for parents. More than often, they are about what the school believes in and it’s greater ideology that they are going to impart to the students as well. Every school believes in something and wishes to propagate further through the means of education. This is the motto of the school the parents believe is good for their child. Keeping parents in loop by sharing thoughts that resonate with the school’s ideology helps in fostering their confidence in the institution.

Continuous communication

Any relationship only thrives when there is continuity in communication. Since personal interacts are not possible so frequently, newsletters allow the flow of communication to be maintained between the school and the parents bringing the two closer in many ways.

myly launch a new feature of NEWSLETTER with updated version allow to communication between parent teacher & student.

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