Edtech Feb 11 2016

5 smart uses of social media in educational institutions

By myly

Social media is a platform that can be both a constructive as well as a destructive force. It all depends on the end user as to what they are making out of it. Following are five smart uses of social media in educational institutions including schools, colleges, and universities -

Using social media to boost connectivity

A lot of educators no longer restrict their lectures to classrooms. In many cases, the discussions and debates extend beyond the lectures. In such cases, social media serves as a platform that connects all the students to the discussion and fosters participation. However, there must be a strict policy of using social media for educational purpose only and personal lives must be kept off limits.

Using apps that facilitate information sharing

Mobile apps that allow students to form forums and groups to discuss topics related to their coursework is a brilliant use of social media. Such apps make information sharing easier and students get a pool of resources to learn from. Even there are parental apps helping parents to associate with teachers and educational institutes easily.

Using social media for better understanding

Social media is flooded with opinions of people on various issues. Thus, social media allows teachers to bring in various perspectives on one particular topic. Teachers can also use mobile apps that have special features to save the online links and articles to make it easily accessible to everyone. Teacher apps communicate with parents and students easily, thus teacher saves a lot of time and reduce workload.

Social media and parental engagement form myly

Social media and parental engagement

Social media in form of various apps allows parents and educators to communicate on one to one basis. Parents can connect to teachers and vice versa at any time to know the progress and clarify queries regarding the student.

Social media and ease of notifications

A special feature of many mobile apps is having a reminder for all the important events. Mobile apps not only notify parents and students of upcoming events, it also helps in better administration of the institution by allowing constant inter- departmental connectivity. When all departments of any institution are coordinated and notified, the work they deliver is of supreme quality!

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