Edtech Oct 14 2016

Social Sharing

By myly

The ubiquity of social media has clearly changed our information sharing processes. What was probably ignored or never heard of earlier can make sensational headlines and gather mass attention in a span of five minutes. Our thoughts, behaviours and actions are greatly influenced by social media sharing and there is no denying this fact. The factors that have made social media the king of information dissemination are as follows –

Wide user base

Everyone is using the social media today. From Facebook to Twitter, the social media has a base of billions of users who are active everyday. People usually use
mobile apps. to connect to others that is the easiest way to maintain your online presence. This colossal user base is the fundamental to the success of social media. Within seconds, news from one part of the world can travel to people on the other side of the globe and the credit goes to social media for that.

Features like Sharing and promoting

Social media share buttons, promoting options and advertising has added to the wide user base in dissemination of information. People can now share any piece of information within seconds that can be further promoted or shared creating a chain reaction. This phenomenon is termed as information going “viral”.

Event photo sharing

Many apps have been built to promote photo sharing. Instagram and Snapchat are the two giants in the category of photo sharing apps. Photo sharing adds a personal touch to the information and increases credibility of the words. Sharing and promoting achievements, pictures and other data on a school mobile app myly helps the school to reach out to parents with the day-to-day activities and progress of the school.


Even though social media has generated a buzz among all age groups pertaining to information sharing, it has showcased severe psychological disturbances. The youth is getting increasingly addicted to social buttons that is taking them away from reality into a virtual world. The information that is shared on social media lacks authenticity and is generating a very dangerous herd mentality. Social sharing is clearly the new in-thing but the dramatic negative consequences of it cannot be ignored – invasion of privacy being the most important one. The only caution one can take right now is to be selective in what they share and what they choose to believe on social media.

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