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Edtech Sep 02 2016

Staff Communication

By myly

Employee communication is one of the most crucial aspects for success in a business. Right form of internal communication is the keystone to a productive, performing and a morale-boosting environment. Mobile apps have occupied a very crucial role in fostering this communication in today’s technologically driven world. Let’s have a look into how communication can be more effective in organizations-

Creating the environment

The most important step to an effective corporate communication is to create an environment that allows it. No one ever thrived by complicating words and twisting meanings. This is why the values of being transparent, to the point and direct must be valued and instilled in all the employees.

Allowing inputs

Cornerstone of professional communication is that there must be a mechanism where employees can provide feedback and engage in decision-making processes. Employee engagement has two fold benefits. First, they feel that they are valued and contributing to the growth. Secondly, some brilliant ideas flow in the process of brainstorming that can be very helpful for the organization. A mobile app can be very helpful in this regard where employees are allowed to write their inputs and feedback that will be shared with the top most managers on the hierarchy.

Rewarding appropriate communication

When employees know that their ideas are not just a mere formality but could be applauded, they perform better and with more enthusiasm. A reward system helps the employees to be innovative and come up with solutions to problems in a creative fashion. One must not forget that a happy organization enjoys high employee retention and in turn a better goodwill.

Managerial communication

The attitude of management and their style of communication can have a huge impact on overall communication of the organization. If the staff feel that management is not worth having a discussion with, half the battle is lost. A good organization is the one that keeps management in check and open to communication of every sort – from problems to ideas. This is how a strong employer-employee relationship is created. Mobile apps can further strengthen this communication by allowing employees to communicate freely and transparently within the organization without the fear that their words would be misinterpreted.

myly - Managerial Communication

Communication allows the organization to function and achieve the goals that it aspires to. If an organization is unable to create a culture where correspondences flow freely, it will never be able to move up the ladder of success. Employees do play a very significant role in this process but what is more important is the overall environment of the organization that promotes healthy interaction and positive internal communication.

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