Edtech Aug 25 2016

Student initiated conversation

By myly

Student-teacher conversation forms the base of any growth a student is likely to showcase in its lifetime. The impact of these dialogues is strong enough to mould personalities and carve out unique individuals with a strong value system. However, effective communication cannot be just from teachers to students, but also student initiated. School mobile apps must keep this in mind that a conversation with a teacher is a two-way streak. Following are the pivotal roles played by teacher-student conversations:

Information exposure

An effective communication is the one where teachers try and give as much information to students as possible. A school conversation need not only be about studies but also about future prospects, sports, extra-curricular activities etc. as well. Mobile apps can also provide significant information in this regard.

A guide during tough times

Sometimes students do not know how to start a conversation with a teacher face to face. Mobile apps that allow students to write down their worries and problem areas can solve this problem real quick. Such conversations help the students sail through difficult times with the right person guiding them through the tunnel.

More expert opinions

Mostly students deal with a lot of stress while making life choices of subjects and dealing with academic pressure. In such situations, expert advice of teachers who have been associated with those fields for many years can be very useful. Students can gain insight into what they are signing up for by a conversation with teacher who knows that field the best.

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Allows the school to make changes

The best part about student- initiated conversations is that the teachers get to know where the school lacks in providing for the students adequate growth. When a particular problem is faced by a lot of students together, the teachers understand that a certain policy or practice needs to be reviewed in school. Mobile apps can be very helpful in conducting surveys regarding the same and understanding the problem better.

Fosters student-teacher bond

Student teacher bond is one of the most pristine and precious ones. Effective communication where both are equally involved in the conversation. It is only unfair if only teachers can communicate to the students and not vice versa. Sometimes, students also teach their mentors newer perspectives to various issues that help in overall growth of the teacher and the bond he/she shares with the student.

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