Edtech Oct 12 2015

Top 5 technology mistakes schools make

By myly

The modern day education is incorporating technology at all possible levels. However, here are the top 5 technology mistakes every school must learn to avoid –

Avoiding use of technology

Completely shutting out technology and running a school without solutions like school management software, learning management solutions and school mobile app, can cripple your school. An institution must adopt technology in the form of school information systems, school mobile apps, Internet enabled learning etc. Use technology to attain greater parental involvement, higher retention of teachers, innovative learning programmes for better child development and higher brand equity for school.

Excessive use of technology

The flip-side of the not using technology is indulging in excessive use of technology in schools. Giving students laptops/tablets and even smartphones in the classroom along with unrestricted Internet access creates learning distractions. Schools must know how much is too much and where to draw the line.

Poor research

In the rat race of equipping schools with technology, many schools fall in the trap of marketing gimmicks. They install expensive school management software, invest in expensive smart class solutions etc. without assessing their own needs. Analyse your needs and do your research well. An expensive solution is not always the best solution!

Inefficient staff training

Technology will only be successful if your staff is comfortable using it on a daily basis. Things like mobile app for schools help as they reside on the staff’s smartphones and staff gets used to it very quickly. Choose a solution that provides training (and retraining as needed) along with a video library of training resources for staff.

Assessing report school technology

Prioritizing technology over teaching

Technology is the means, not the end. It has become a fad these days to let children learn anything and everything from the internet/technology. Instead of letting curious children misuse the Internet, the main aim of technology should be to bridge the gap between parents and teachers so that they can work in tandem with each other for the best possible development of the child.

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